Once and Done Donation Option
 Fundraising efforts cover school-wide improvements/administration that all students and staff benefit from, such as: Assemblies, Field Trips, grade level projects, Capital improvements, community outreach, landscaping, recess equipment, scholarship fund, PTO administration (i.e., postage) etc.
This year our fundraisers will be the following:

Lehigh Valley Coupon Books

Gift Card Sale

Race for Education (details to follow)

 Due to the pandemic we are currently experiencing, we will be limited on the performance of all the planned fundraising and we have also discontinued the “Family Fun Membership.” Therefore, we are asking if you would consider making a donation to the PTO, in lieu of fundraising, so we can continue to enrich the student’s experiences.  If you choose the donation option, fundraising information will still be sent home with your child. Please feel free to participate in any that are of interest to you or disregard as you see fit.

________      I choose the Once and Done Optional Donation and I am Donating

                       _______$40             _______$50             _______$75             _____Other Amount

________      I will participate in fundraising efforts for school-wide improvements and administration 
Students Name: __________________________________Grade: ________________

Email Address: ________________________________

The PTO wishes to thank all of our Shark Families for helping to make it a great year at Schnecksville Elementary!